The purpose of this exercise is to 1) install the UMDES FSA library, 2) create the component FSA models for our case study, 3) run some simple test to make sure no syntax errors were made, 4) import the models into Matlab, 5) simulate the automata for a given string of events.

Step 1: Installation The executables, including a user guide, are located here: University of Michigan DES Group. Scroll down to the download section a select executables. You will be asked to fill in some information. Place the executable files in a separate directory where you can easily access them.

Step 2: create the component FSA models

  • Download The Case study component graphs - FSA schematics.
  • Build the finite state machines by following the file format here: FSM file format
  • note 1: the file extension is not important
  • note 2: place the files in a separate directory

Step 3: test the accessibility of the constructed FSA

  • copy and paste the UMDES executables "acc" and "co_acc", which compute the accessible and co-accessible parts of your FSAs, into the FSA folder
  • execute the commands
  • the acc and co_acc operations must work and must not delete any states

step 4: download the following Matlab files and import some FSMs into Matlab

step 5: test whether your automata accept the following strings, verify the final states are correct

  • T_sensor: s1 = {'vm' 'vn' 'vp' 'vm' 'vp'}, s2 = {'vm' 'vn' 'vm' 'vp' 'vp'}
  • T_switch: s1 = {'tp' 'tf' 'tm' 'tf' 'tm' 'tf' 'tm'}, s2 = {'tm' 'tf' 'tm' 'tp' 'tf' 'tp' 'tf'}