In this exercise you will connect your FSA files with the continuous dynamics.

Step 1: Download the simulator files using the link below and unzip them into a common folder.


Step 2: Supplement the simulator files with your FSA files. The simulator is missing the following FSA files that you will have to provide:

  1. T_6sup - the tap changer supervisor automata
  2. T_switch - the tap changer automata
  3. T_sensor - the voltage sensor automata
  4. T_timer - the tap changer timer automata

Step 3: In the unzipped simulator folder, open up the Matlab function getNetworkPars and add the appropriate extensions to the FSA file names (eg, change T_sensor to T_sensor.txt). Do not change the capacitor FSA names.

Step 4: Test to make sure that the hybrid simulator works correctly.

  1. Define the parameter perturbation vector: Dat = [0.0488; 2.4399; 3.3427];
  2. Define the simulation time tF = 5;
  3. Execute a run of the simulator. At the command prompt enter [t,x,d,te,z,e] = NetworkSimRun(tF,Dat);
  4. Note that every time you call the function a series of plots is also generated. You may want to comment this out later. For now, check to maker sure your plots agree with the reference plot below.

Simulation sample plot.